A weekly low-cost program for homeschooled students, ages 8-12 in the Omaha area. Join us as we explore different lessons on gardening, science, cooking, nutrition, nature, sustainability, and more! Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM to noon.

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Important Updates and Safety Precautions: 

With the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, City Sprouts requires masks to be worn by all guests indoors. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these meetings with proper safety measures in place. Hand sanitizer will be provided and available at all Home Grown Kids sessions. If you or your child is experiencing cold- or flu-like symptoms, please stay home.

Thank you for your understanding. We are looking forward to the HGK 2022 Spring Session!

Welcome to the Garden Dome

  • Week 1 (March 22 + 24): Welcome Home Grown Kids! We're kicking off the spring session by exploring our newest classroom and garden space - the geodesic dome. We will make organic fertilizer for this year's garden, plant our first seeds of the year, and start seedlings to plant in May.

Return of the Birds

  • Week 2 (March 29 + 31): By this time of year, we'll start seeing many bird species return to the garden from their winter migration. Where did they go, and what brought them back? Why do we care about birds in the garden anyway? We will answer all of these questions and create a special gift for the wild birds who call our garden home.

Method to our Plant-ness

  • Week 3 (April 5 + 7): In this lesson, we will learn different planting methods - like direct sowing and transplanting - and why we use different methods for each plant in our garden. We will also liven up our geodesic dome garden with a handmade art project.

Spring Chickens

  • Week 4 (April 12 + 14): Spring is in full swing. Birds are chirping - not only outside at City Sprouts, but inside as well in the chick incubator! In this lesson, we'll have the opportunity to observe chicks as they are hatching and learn all the ways chickens help us in the garden.

Soil Scientists

  • Week 5 (April 19 + 21): Prepare to dig in deep as we get up close and personal with the soil in our garden. We will use our scientific skills to conduct soil experiments and learn what our plants need to grow up healthy, strong, and fruitful.

Cooking 101

  • Week 6 (April 26 + 28): While it's important to know how to grow fruits, veggies, and herbs, it's also important to know how to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes out of them. In this lesson, we will learn several basic cooking techniques, how to combine different herbs and spices, and more as we prepare for next week's competition.

  • Important Note: This class will use knives and hot surfaces.

The Great Home Grown Kids Bake-off

  • Week 7 (May 3 + 5): Welcome to the Great Home Grown Kids Bake-off! Today we will put our cooking skills to the test as we divide into teams to create some unique recipes. Will your team have what it takes to be named champion?

  • Important Note: This class will use knives and hot surfaces.

Caterpillars, Spiders, and Pillbugs - Oh my!

  • Week 8 (May 10 + 12): In this lesson we will learn about the many species of crawling creatures who live in the garden. Which ones help and which ones hurt the garden? We will also make our own pest spray as we learn about organic pest management.

Warm Season Planting

  • Week 9 (May 17 + 19): The weather and the soil are getting warmer, which means it's planting time for our warm season crops! We will kick off the growing season by planting our seedlings and making a colorful craft to brighten up the garden.

Summer Kick-off Pizza Party

  • Week 10 (May 24 + 26): Summer is near! To celebrate our hard work this session, we will make pizzas from scratch, cooked in our natural cob oven.

  • Important Note: This class will use knives and hot surfaces.

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