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Truck Farm Omaha (TFO) is a mobile program that brings the farm to your group or school through a variety of garden and farm-themed educational lessons. The program is dedicated to teaching Omaha-area residents (PK - adult) about healthy eating, environmental sustainability, and the benefits of growing one’s own food. Choose from a variety of topics including learning about chickens, worms, bees, and gardening. Before visiting, we will work with you to adapt the session to suit your needs. 

Due to the hands-on nature of our sessions, Truck Farm is best suited for groups or classes that include no more than 30 students at one time, although consecutive sessions can be arranged.

When you schedule Truck Farm Omaha to visit your school or community group, we offer any of the following lesson plans, or we can provide a combination of lessons: 


Chickens are an increasingly popular and beneficial part of urban agriculture. In this lesson, kids learn where eggs come from, the basics of backyard chicken keeping, and get to spend time with one of the City Sprouts chickens


Bees are important pollinators and have become increasingly threatened. In this lesson, we teach the importance of bees and basic beekeeping. We can bring a traveling observation beehive where you can see our live bees at work! 

(Available seasonally)


Expand your recycling efforts by turning kitchen scraps into a valuable resource for your garden! In this lesson on vermiculture and composting, we bring live worms hard at work composting in our traveling worm compost bin! Kids love to see, smell, and touch the live red wiggler worms!

wormicon3inverse BROWN.png

Seasonal gardening is an essential part of any urban farm. In this lesson, kids will learn what's happening in the garden this season. We'll talk about what plants are growing (or not growing), which ones are being planted, or what happens in a garden in the winter. Kids will also complete a project to take home.


Filmmakers Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette came across Truck Farm while traveling across the country to shoot Growing Cities, their documentary film about urban agriculture. The concept of the giant, mobile container garden was started in Brooklyn, NY and is a fun way to educate groups on the go. From first sight, they knew they wanted to start a Truck Farm in their hometown of Omaha, NE.


Truck Farm was eventually inherited by City Sprouts from Growing Cities in 2015, and in 2017 the yellow 1970's Chevy truck was upgraded for a newer Toyota Tundra that we still use today. While we don't use the bed of our truck as a garden bed anymore, we still keep the spirit of Truck Farm alive with our variety of mobile-friendly lesson plans.  


Whole Cities Foundation generously supported Truck Farm with a $5,000 grant, which went towards the purchase of our new truck. 

The Whole Cities Foundation's mission is to improve individual and community health through collaborative partnerships, education, and broader access to nutritious food in the communities we serve. 


The Omaha community generously supported Truck Farm by coming together to raise nearly $8,000 during Omaha Gives 2017, which went towards the purchase of our new truck. 

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Truck farm is on pause. Check back in the spring for updates!