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Community Garden

City Sprouts became a group in 1995 when concerned community members came together to reclaim an overgrown city lot and make it a garden. The group’s organizers bought the 1/2 acre lot and began the hard work of revitalizing the degraded soil. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, weeds were cleared, beds were dug, and seeds planted. Today, the community garden thrives and features 45 community garden plots, plenty of fruit trees and berry bushes, and areas for relaxing amongst the fruits of our labor.

Education Center

In January 2005, a generous donor gave City Sprouts a three-story residence built in 1906, adjacent to our Community Garden. This house now serves as the City Sprouts Education Center. The upstairs provides office space for our staff. The remodeled kitchen allows for ample space during cooking classes, and the newly opened up living room now serves as an open room to hold lectures and workshops. 


Call or email us if you are interested in renting our facilities.


little free Library
+ Porch Pantry

Since 2017, our Little Free Library & Pantry has been inviting our gardeners and neighbors to share their abundance and enjoy a good garden read. 


Chicken Coop

Visited by passersby, school children, and neighbors, the Chicken Coop is a City Sprouts favorite. We have 12 breeds of chickens, who lay eggs of all colors, from brown to green. 


Cob Oven

New in 2018 and located in our community garden, our cob oven was constructed by natural builder Jim Schalles. It now serves as the focal point of potlucks, pizza parties, and other celebrations in the garden. 


U-Pick Beds

Three U-Pick garden beds inhabit the east side of our Education Center. These beds are maintained by our garden manager and volunteers.
All produce and herbs in the raised beds are free and open for the public
to harvest. 

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