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Hope for the future and a large goal for the season

Spring is finally in full bloom, and it's easy to say this is a Spring unlike any we have faced before. For myself, I just celebrate three months as the Executive Director of City Sprouts. It has been a time of excitement and fear, creativity and darkness, joy and loss...emotions across the spectrum we are all experiencing in this new world.

More than anything, though, I have experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The staff at City Sprouts has shown that new challenges really are just opportunities. We've been working hard to adjust existing programming and build new partnerships to best serve our community in this time of need. Nonprofits and volunteers have banded together to create new pathways of food production as traditional food supply chains face unprecedented challenges.

All of this hard work has led City Sprouts to a solid plan to grow food at four new sites this year, with a goal to produce over 20,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables this season. This is nearly ten times what we grew in 2019. Growing this food will be primarily supported by our Summer Urban Farming Internship, which we hope to continue this year with new social distancing mechanisms in place.

None of our work would be possible without the support of our donors, volunteers, and growing list of partner organizations and supporters. These collaborations give me endless hope that our community will come through this experience stronger than ever and with a heightened appreciation for our natural world and how we can best protect its future and our own.

Please continue to be safe, so all of us can be together again soon.

Katie Kresha,

City Sprouts Executive Director

P.S. If you feel led to give to this cause, scheduled giving starts today on Omaha Gives. We would love your support as we take on this large endeavor to help feed our city!


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