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A weekly low-cost program for homeschooled students, ages 8-12 in the Omaha area. Join us as we explore different lessons on gardening, science, cooking, nutrition, nature, sustainability, and more! Classes are held Wednesdays from 10:30 AM to noon.


Home Grown Kids 2024 Spring session

Welcome to City Sprouts

  • Week 1 (March 20): Welcome to the Spring session of Home Grown Kids! In our kick-off lesson, our Education Programs Manager, Miss Kaylee, will help us break the ice, tour the City Sprouts garden, and set up the foundation for the rest of our classes together as a learning team.

Creating a Garden Journal

  • Week 2 (March 27): While it's important to know how to grow fruits, veggies, and herbs, it's also important to plan your garden, experience the little intricacies that sometimes go unnoticed, and  reflect on time in the garden in a mindful way. In this class we will be making a creative take on a  garden journal that we will use throughout the rest of the session!

Planting Party with Shannon

  • Week 3 (April 3): Welcome our guest teacher and the North Programs Manager here at City Sprouts, Shannon Kyler! In this lesson, Shannon will teach us all about how the community garden operates and we will get a chance to kick off this growing season by working and planting around the garden and greenhouse.

Passionate about Pollinators

  • Week 4 (April 10): Did you know that one out of every three bites of our food was made possible by pollinators? How could this be, you might ask? Find out how and even more about pollinators in this immersive class!

Birdy Business

  • Week 5 (April 17): Spring is almost in full swing and with it are the babbling birds all around us! In this lesson, we will learn about how birds play a vital role in ecosystems, practice locating and observing local birds, and create a bird-inspired craft.

Garden's Greatest Sidekicks

  • Week 6 (April 24): Humans aren't the only ones putting in work at the garden and we certainly couldn't do it without the help of some very special critters here at City Sprouts. In this lesson we will get to know two very important types of helpers in our garden- worms and chickens!

Soil Health Shindig with Zee

  • Week 7 (May 1): Welcome another guest teacher and our Conservation Education Program Coordinator, Zee Elmer! With Zee, we will get a chance to play in the dirt and learn about soil. This class will introduce students to soil health principles, why soil is so vital to growing food, and how to identify healthy vs unhealthy soil. It's more than just what we walk on - it's the foundation to life!

HGK Last Hoorah!

  • Week 8 (May 8): By the end of our time together at Home Grown Kids, we will have learned a lot and made an impact here at City Sprouts' garden- that's something to celebrate! For our final day together, we will play Miss Kaylee's favorite game, finish reflecting in our garden journal, and create a snack to enjoy with our families. Any immediate family members or guardians are welcome to join our celebration for the last 30 minutes of class on this day only. Please indicate on the registration form how many people from your family will be attending this event so that we can coordinate snacks appropriately!

  • IMPORTANT: This class MIGHT include use of knives and hot surfaces.

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