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A weekly low-cost program for homeschooled students, ages 8-12 in the Omaha area. Join us as we explore different lessons on gardening, science, cooking, nutrition, nature, sustainability, and more! Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM to noon.

Welcome to Spring

  • Week 1 (March 21 + 23): Welcome to the Spring session of Home Grown Kids! In our kick-off lesson, we will learn about the science of the Spring Equinox, tour our greenhouse dome, and help prepare for our upcoming growing season in the community garden.

Cooking 101

  • Week 2 (March 28 + 30): While it's important to know how to grow fruits, veggies, and herbs, it's also important to know how to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes out of them. In this lesson, we will learn several basic cooking skills as we prepare for next week's competition.

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

Great Home Grown Kids Bake-off

  • Week 3 (April 4 + 6): Welcome to the Great Home Grown Kids Bake-off! Today we will put our cooking skills to the test as we divide into teams to create some unique recipes. Will your team have what it takes to be named champion?

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

DIY Local Farmers Market

  • Week 4 (April 11 + 13): In this lesson, we will learn the differences between industrial and sustainable farming techniques and how it impacts our world. We will have the chance to design our own dream farmers market, make smoothies, and have a fun relay race in the garden (weather permitting).

Natural Plant Dyes

  • Week 5 (April 18 + 20): In this lesson, we will learn how to use plant materials to make different colors of natural dye. We will use our hand-made dyes to create a colorful craft to take home!

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

Get Back to Your Roots

  • Week 6 (April 25 + 27): In this lesson, we will "get back to our (plant) roots" by planting in the greenhouse dome. We will learn the difference between warm and cool season produce, talk about the plant life cycle, and do a kitchen scavenger hunt.

Spring Chickens

  • Week 7 (May 2 + 4): Spring is in full swing. Birds are chirping - not only outside at City Sprouts, but inside as well in the chick brooder! In this lesson, we'll have the opportunity to observe our new chicks and learn all the ways chickens help us in the garden.

Wildcrafted Treat Celebration

  • Week 8 (May 9 + 11): By this time in Spring, wildflowers are in full bloom. Did you know many wild plants also serve as delicious treats? In this lesson, we will learn about ethical foraging and incorporate wild plants into some fun recipes as we celebrate the last frost (AKA the true kick-off of the growing season)!

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

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