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A weekly low-cost program for homeschooled students, ages 8-12 in the Omaha area. Join us as we explore different lessons on gardening, science, cooking, nutrition, nature, sustainability, and more! Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 AM to noon.

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Important Updates and Safety Precautions: 

With the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, City Sprouts requires masks to be worn by all guests indoors. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these meetings with proper safety measures in place. Hand sanitizer will be provided and available at all Home Grown Kids sessions. If you or your child is experiencing cold- or flu-like symptoms, please stay home.

Thank you for your understanding. We are looking forward to the HGK 2022 Fall Session!

Harvest Welcome

  • Week 1 (August 30 + September 1): Welcome to another year of Home Grown Kids! In this lesson, we will play intro games to get to know our classmates, talk about the benefits of gardening, and make a delicious recipe to share.

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

Sustainable Students

  • Week 2 (September 6 + 8): In a world of disposable products, it's important to do your part to help the planet! In this lesson, we will talk about sustainability, upcycle an old t-shirt, and start a kitchen scrap experiment.

Garden Dwellers are Stellar

  • Week 3 (September 13 + 15): How well do you know your neighbors? (Garden neighbors that is!) In this lesson, we will learn about the creatures who call the garden "home" and what parts they play in the garden ecosystem.

Autumn Pizza Party

  • Week 4 (September 20 + 22): This week marks the first day of Autumn - so let's celebrate with some pizza! We will learn about natural building as we work together to create garden-fresh pizzas in our cob oven.

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

Mind, Body, and Gardening

  • Week 5 (September 27 + 29): The garden is a fabulous place for growing fruits and veggies to eat - but did you know the garden can also benefit your skin, hair, and mind? In this class we will make some natural body care products and learn how the garden can be used as a tool for mindfulness.

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

Dream Gardens

  • Week 6 (October 4 + 6): As this year's growing season slowly comes to a close, it's time to start dreaming about next year! We will plant bulbs and create dream gardens to excite ourselves about the next growing season after the winter ahead.

The Science of Fall

  • Week 7 (October 11 + 13): Fall is in full swing by now, so let's learn about the science behind the seasons! In this class, we will conduct an autumn leaf experiment and cook a recipe using a classic autumn veggie - the winter squash.

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

It's Jam Time!

  • Week 8 (October 18 + 20): Welcome to the final lesson of the semester. In this lesson, we will learn about preservation through the ages as we create a delicious fruit jam to enjoy all winter long.

  • IMPORTANT: This class will include use of knives and hot surfaces.

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2022 Fall

Home Grown Kids 2022 Fall session

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