little sprouts

  • Ages 3 - 7

  • Weekly during the summer

  • Free and open to the public

  • Registration is required

A weekly summer youth program that exposes kids to the magic of nature, organic food growing, and healthy lifestyles. 

Little Sprouts is a youth garden program hosted at City Sprouts each Saturday during the summer. Each week our educator presents a new garden-related topic to engage youth in the garden. From planting seeds to an end-of-season harvest party, there is something for everyone! Each lesson includes hands-on activities, interactive gardening, book reading, and a healthy snack. 


Little Sprouts is geared for youth, ages 3 to 7 years old. All programs are free and family-friendly. Learning is maximized if all programs are attended, so we welcome you to participate as often as you are able. Parents/guardians are welcome to join their kids in exploring the garden. For children under 5 years old, we do require a parent to be in attendance. 


Interested in participating in one of these sessions at a different time? We can schedule class visits for groups of 10 or more, program fees may apply but are negotiable. Contact Anna to schedule a date!


Check back in May for 2020 sessions, or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when this program starts.

June 1st

Garden Dwellers are Stellar!

Learn about all of our garden friends, from the hard-working spider to the lively fairy. Make a frog home and play garden games in this active intro lesson.


June 8th

Bee-utiful Pollinators

Spend time in our bean tepee watching the wonders of pollinators. Learn all about the birds, bees, and butterflies that help keep our gardens and plates colorful. We’ll also pick some herbs to dry for later!


June 15th

Fun with Farm Friends

Welcome Autumn Clemmer and her farm animal friends! Make friends with some interesting animals like goats and chickens, and learn why someone might keep these animals on their farm.


June 22nd

You’ve Got the (Solar) Power!

Learn about Summer Solstice and the benefits of solar power. Make art with the sun and play a fun garden game in this

sun-tastic lesson!


June 29th

Where do Snacks Grow?

What’s been growing in the Little Sprouts Garden this summer? Learn all about the delicious produce we grow and make a healthy snack with local foods.

July 6th

Plants Are More Than Just Food!

Using our dried herbs, we will create some colorful, scented soaps to stay clean all summer long. We’ll talk about the many uses for plants and how we can use plant products around the house.


July 13th

Quick Pickles 

Learn about food preservation and make some tasty pickled veggies from the garden to take home.


July 20th

Squirmy Wormies

Wear your mud-romping clothes and get ready to get up close and personal with one of our favorite garden friends - the earthworm! We’ll talk about how earthworms help the soil stay healthy and how you can even keep some as pets for a home compost bin! At the end, we’ll make a classic summer snack tied to our theme.

July 27th

Planting an Autumn Garden

It may be hot now, but not for long! We will plant autumn veggies and paint colorful stakes for our garden to prepare for the upcoming cool season.

August 3rd

Harvest Party!

Let’s celebrate the end of the growing season with a harvest party! We will prepare healthy snacks from our garden's bounty and have other fun activities!


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