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The Little Sprouts summer program will show kids the magic of nature, organic food growing, and healthy lifestyles! 

  • Virtually, Fridays at 10:00AM

  • Best for kids between ages 3 - 7

  • Free (but donations always welcome!)

  • Registration is suggested

Little Sprouts is a youth garden program hosted at City Sprouts on Saturdays** during the summer. Each week our educator presents a new garden-related topic. From planting seeds to an end-of-season harvest party, there is something for everyone! Each lesson includes hands-on activities, interactive gardening, book reading, and a healthy snack. 


Little Sprouts is geared for youth, ages 3 to 7 years old. All sessions are free and family friendly (donations are welcome though). Learning is maximized if all sessions are attended, so we welcome you to participate as often as you are able. Parents/guardians are welcome to join their kids in exploring the garden. For children under 5 years old, we do require a parent to be in attendance. 


Interested in participating in one of these sessions at a different time? We can schedule class visits for groups of 10 or more, program fees may apply but are negotiable. Contact Anna to schedule a date!

Thank you to our sponsor for the 2020 summer session: Omaha West Rotary Club because of their support, we're able to continue to keep this program free and accessible to all!


**Little Sprouts will continue to be held virtually on Fridays at 10AM. Please follow the event on Facebook or the Little Sprouts Live webpage for the latest updates!

May 29th

Geared Up for Gardening!

Welcome back to another great summer of Little Sprouts!
For our welcome lesson, we will learn all about the tools a gardener uses.

Watch the recording here


June 5th

Hot Potato! Cool Potato?

This week, we are diving into the dirt! Well, not literally. But we are going to learn about warm and cool season plants, play an active game, and plant a bunch of different, yummy veggies in our garden.


June 12th

Save Those Scraps!

What do you do with leftover vegetable bits when you’re done cooking? Well, turns out there are a lot of things you could do that help the Earth at the same time! This week, we will learn about composting at home, and we will start a kitchen garden experiment to chart throughout the summer.


June 19th

Jammin' Berries

Who likes to jam? The City Sprouts berries do, and so can you! This week, we will learn how to preserve berries from the garden in a delicious, sweet jam to take home and enjoy.


June 28th

Passionate about Pollinators

Birds and Bees and Butterflies - Oh my! To celebrate Pollinator Week (June 22-28) we are spending this Saturday learning about the lives of our pollinator friends. We will also get a chance to make special seed bombs to plant at home and help our pollinator friends do their important jobs.

July 3rd

Holiday Break - No Little Sprouts

July 10th

Growing a Salad

To get back in the swing of things after our holiday break, we are digging right back in the dirt to grow ourselves a salad! We will learn about different types of seeds, make a seed book to take home, and plant a delicious crop of salad veggies.


July 17th

Garden Fresh Chefs

This week, we will learn how to properly harvest veggies planted earlier in the year and work together to create a yummy snack to share!


July 24th

Urban Farm Friends (and Foes?)

Get ready to get up close and personal with our animal friends who help in the garden, from our resident chickens to the earthworms, and maybe even a snake! We will learn the importance of the many creatures in the garden, the harm of some others, and meet other local farm animals.*

July 31st

Naturally Clean Kids

What can we do with our garden plants besides make food dishes? This week we will learn that we can do a lot - we can even clean our house and bodies with plants! Today, we will learn how to use our garden plants to become naturally clean kids all year round.

Note: We will take our class picture today, so be prepared!

August 8th

Harvest Pizza Party!

Welcome to the final week of Little Sprouts! This week, we will harvest our vegetables from the garden to create delicious pizzas to share, working together to cook them in our natural cob oven. We will also play some active games and sign each other’s class photos to remember this summer forever.

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