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Introducing: The Summer Intern Team Leads

In the last year, City Sprouts has grown to 10x the land growing land by adding on 3 additional growing sites this season. With all that extra land - we've needed extra help to manage it all! For the first time, we've created the position of an Intern Team Lead to help oversee three smaller groups of interns who are spread out across the five farm sites. We're happy to have Jasmine Marr, Mia Webb, and Laura Simpson join the City Sprouts crew for the summer! We excited to see them develop deeper knowledge on urban farming and leadership skills along the way!

Jasmine Marr

Team A Lead: Decatur Urban Farm

Jasmine graduated from UNO in 2018 with a Spanish and International Studied Degree. Jasmine has become more interested and involved with farming in recent years. She is currently a resident at the Big Muddy Urban Farm. Prior to that, she had learned how to farm as she Wwoofed in Mexico for two and a half months.

Jasmine became interested in farming because she finds it to be a healing experience. She feels that when she grows food she also grows herself. The act of farming teaches her to be patient, kind, and to heal.

Jasmine is excited to grow her leadership skills and see all of the young folks who are interning grow as well. Jasmine's favorite things to grow are flowers, followed by greens like kale and arugula.

Mia Webb

Team B Lead: City Sprouts South

Mia graduated from Westside in 2019. She is currently taking summer classes at UNO and has just finished her first year there, studying criminal justice with a minor in psychology. Mia worked as an intern with City Sprouts last year and enjoyed it so much that she decided to come back this year as an Intern Team Lead.

Mia had very little gardening experience before she started with City Sprouts last summer, but as the summer progressed she enjoyed learning more and more. She is excited to pass down some of what she learned last year to this summer's interns and to continue to grow as an urban farmer and build leadership skills.

Mia's favorite thing to grow is herbs because she loves making tea from the dried herbs she helped grow last year. Her favorite vegetable to eat is most definitely cucumbers because they can have so many different flavors and textures!

Laura Simpson

Team C Lead: Cooper Farm

Laura is an Omaha native, she grew up in the Keystone neighborhood of Northwest Omaha.

Laura graduated from MCC in 2013 with a degree in Business Management and Marketing, and from UNO in 2018 with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts - 3D Media. Over the past few years, she has worked with a local arts non-profit, BFF.

In 2018, Laura was a Resident Farmer at Big Muddy Urban Farm. Additionally, last summer she completed the New Roots internship with The Big Garden. Laura is very excited to work with City Sprouts, as an Intern Lead this summer!


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