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Easy Seeds to Sow in May

Days are getting warmer, the sky is getting brighter, and you are ready to get your hands dirty again by planting some of your favorite vegetables. Omaha, Neb. is in hardiness Zone 5, which has a medium length growing season; most vegetables mature before the first frost date (typically around October 15th). However, many folks find they have better luck by starting some seeds indoors, and transplanting outdoors after the last frost (typically around May 15). With consideration to season, climate, and soil conditions, the following veggies are super easy to sow this May!

Cool Season Veggies

to be planted the first couple weeks of May

Cool season plants grow and produce best when temperatures are chilly, but the soil is still workable. They will develop flower stalks and fail to produce if planted when the weather is too warm. The following vegetables grow beautifully in cooler weather, and may be directly sown into your garden.

  1. Peas. Peas can be sown as soon as your soil can be worked, and though they sometimes germinate slowly, they will be sweeter and more tender when sown in cooler temperatures.

  2. Spinach. Spinach also may be sown as soon as your soil is workable. It grows fabulously in the cold and often won’t even sprout in heat.

  3. Kale + Chard. Two resilient veggies - they thrive in cold, but won’t wither in heat, and produce huge crops. You may directly sow these, or transplant - dealer’s choice!

  4. Beets + Carrots. These root crops grow well any time from early spring through late summer.

  5. Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, + Cabbage. Some folks sow these indoors to get a head start (especially for broccoli). However, these fun veggies thrive in the moderate temperatures before high summer.

  6. Lettuce. Less stressed seedlings produce abundant crops. Constantly moist soil is best.

  7. Parsley. Parsley thrives in well-draining soil rich in organic matter. It needs full sun for about six to eight hours daily.


Warm Season Veggies

to be planted the last couple weeks of May

Warm season plants grow abundantly when frost is no longer present and temperatures are nice and warm. The following vegetables grow best in hot, sunny climates.

  1. Corn, Beans, + Squash. The “Three Sisters” that have been in cultivation for thousands of years. These are good to plant approximately two weeks after the last frost. It is important to get corn planted as soon as possible, as it requires a fairly long growing period with warm weather.

  2. Cucumber. These babies should also be planted no earlier than two weeks after the last frost. They love a good head start indoors, and are transplanted when ready.

  3. Basil. This herb will be booming with warmer weather. Basil needs warm soil and full sun.


Show Us Your Sprouts!

There are so many delicious options. We love seeing the full growth cycle from sowing to harvest. Tag us in your garden photos @OmahaSprouts on Facebook and Instagram. Or, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime at Happy growing!


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