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In Memory of Dr. Andrew “Andy” Jameton, Co-Founder of City Sprouts

by: Emily Ramelb, Communications + Development Manager

Photo: Andy Jameton conversing with neighbors and volunteers in City Sprouts North community garden

In Memory of Dr. Andrew “Andy” Jameton, City Sprouts Honors His Work in Laying the Foundation to Help Communities Thrive

[Omaha, Neb.] From “digging” deep in community connections to years of dedication to environmental ethics, Dr. Andrew “Andy” Jameton (PhD) laid the foundation for substantial growth and development.

In November 2022, Andy passed away at age 79 in St. Paul, Minn. Deeply saddened by this news, City Sprouts, Inc. began gathering stories to pay tribute to Andy, who co-founded the organization.

Some of City Sprouts’ earliest gardeners, peers and board members recalled fond pastimes with Andy. “He was absolutely one of a kind,” says Ellen Duysen, “Without his tremendous thinking, this [City Sprouts] would have never happened”.

Photo: Andy Jameton poses behind trellis with City Sprouts North garden volunteers

Andy took City Sprouts under his wing and gathered people who were fascinated by gardening and uplifting the community. “His desire to enhance food security and community engagement merged with his desire to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change in lower-income neighborhoods,” says Rebecca “Becky” Anderson, “He felt that strong communities were essential to thriving, and believed that gardening together would not only yield fresh produce, but also promote physical activity and cohesion among neighbors.”

Photo: Becky Anderson enjoying a Maypole celebration in the City Sprouts North garden

Soon, more and more neighbors began showing up to the garden with a desire to get involved. As an unexpected gift, a local philanthropist purchased and donated the home in which City Sprouts still resides today. The organization was quickly growing and evolving.

Photo: Neighbors exploring City Sprouts North garden during Maypole celebration, 1994