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An Update on the City Sprouts Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Last October we announced plans to build a geodesic dome greenhouse at the City Sprouts North Community Garden site. As of June 2021, we are thrilled to announce the completion of the exterior build.

In the nature of true teamwork, and with the detailed supervision of a Growing Spaces expert, City Sprouts staff built this 530 square foot beauty from the ground up in just four days.


Growing Spaces greenhouses are one of a kind in more ways than one. They are manufactured in Colorado with recycled, US-sourced materials. You also may have noticed the unique design of the dome. The geodesic structure - made of rigid triangles - makes the greenhouse naturally wind-resistant and immensely strong even through snow.

[Graphic/Photo Credit to Growing Spaces®]

The dome is extremely energy efficient. Its curved surface allows for even heat input by the sun throughout the day. By having 40% less surface area than a typical rectangular structure, Growing Dome greenhouses are more effective at keeping stable temperatures through a cold winter. The above-ground pond also acts as an efficient, natural climate control mechanism preventing overheating in the summer. Even soil temperature is maintained through solar-powered air circulation. The solar panel located on the outside of the dome produces electricity to power a fan which blows air inside the greenhouse through pipes buried in the perimeter raised soil beds.

[Graphic/Photo Credit to Growing Spaces®]

Read more about how the geodesic structure works here.