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Feed the chickens

$25 pays for about 2 weeks of feed for our 11 feathered friends. Fun fact: these chickens end up laying about 2200 eggs on an annual basis!


$60 pays for one month of produce for a family in need. Produce is donated to a local food bank.

Little Sprouts Class

$100 pays for one of the ten Little Sprouts classes we hold over the summer. These classes serve an average of 18 kids 3-7 years old

Donate a pre-determined amount for certain programs, or donate a custom amount through the PayPal link below or a check in the mail. Any amount is always appreciated!

Intern Field Trip

It can cost a lot to transport our 16 interns across town. $250 pays the van rental for our intern's field trips where they learn from other farming and sustainable leaders in the community.

Sponsor an Intern

$2000 directly pays the cost to employee one of our 16 Urban Farming Interns over the summer. Our interns get paid $10 an hour and work 20 hours
a week. 

Sponsor a growing gardeners class

$250 pays for one Growing Gardeners class. These classes are open to all ages and range from learning how to plan your garden to canning. We teach 40+ of these workshops annually

covid 19 update

As with most organizations, COVID 19 has flipped our world upside down. We’ve had to quickly adjust nearly everything about how we operate. However, our main concern right now is around the potential for increased food insecurity in Omaha as a result of the crisis. 


To help prevent that concern, we have a goal of growing 10x more vegetables than last year!

The majority of this food will be donated to local food pantries and programs that help anyone who is food insecure gain access to healthy and local produce. 


This month, your support will go towards helping City Sprouts grow 20,000 pounds of food in 2020!

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