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City Sprouts

P.O. Box 31593

Omaha, NE 68131

Feed the chickens

$25 pays for about 2 weeks of feed for our 11 feathered friends. Fun fact: these chickens end up laying about 2200 eggs on an annual basis!


$60 pays for one month of produce for a family in need. Produce is donated to a local food bank.

Little Sprouts Class

$100 pays for one of the ten Little Sprouts classes we hold over the summer. These classes serve an average of 18 kids 3-7 years old

Donate a pre-determined amount for certain programs, or donate a custom amount through the PayPal link below or a check in the mail. Any amount is always appreciated!

Intern Field Trip

It can cost a lot to transport our 16 interns across town. $250 pays the van rental for our intern's field trips where they learn from other farming and sustainable leaders in the community.

Sponsor an Intern

$2000 directly pays the cost to employee one of our 16 Urban Farming Interns over the summer. Our interns get paid $10 an hour and work 20 hours
a week. 

Sponsor a growing gardeners class

$250 pays for one Growing Gardeners class. These classes are open to all ages and range from learning how to plan your garden to canning. We teach 40+ of these workshops annually




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