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Little Sprouts Live Summer Session

Week 1: Powerful Plants!

Friday, September 18th

In this intro lesson, we will learn how the nutrients in plants help keep us healthy and strong as we prepare for the cooler weather. We will also make a nutritious and delicious smoothie to add to our menu.

Suggested Supplies

  • Blender

  • 2-3 types of frozen fruits (peaches, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and mangoes are all delicious choices!)

  • Kale or spinach

  • Carrots

  • Chia seeds

  • Greek yogurt

  • Milk

Week 1 Questions: 

Image by Denis Tuksar

Why is it important to eat fruits and vegetables? 

Why do you think we added leafy greens and carrots to our smoothie instead of just adding fruits?

What do you do to stay healthy in the winter?

Week 1
Week 2

Week 2: The Science of Autumn

Friday, September 25th

Why do leaves change color and fall off trees in Autumn? In this week's lesson, we will learn the science of seasons as we observe the changes happening in the garden.

Suggested Supplies

  • Check back soon!

Week 2 Questions: 

Image by Timothy Eberly
Fall Tokens
Image by Jakob Owens

What is your idea for why leaves change colors?

Why do you think some plants stay green all winter?

How do plants know when it's Autumn? Think of the changes that happen in this season.

Week 3

Week 3: Seed Saving

Friday, October 2nd

You've probably found seeds in a lot of your fruits and vegetables while you eat, but did you know you can save those same seeds for planting next year? In this lesson, we will learn how to save seeds from some of your favorite garden produce so you can grow them again and again!

Suggested Supplies

  • tomato

  • dried pea, bean, or radish pod

  • small jar

  • water

  • plate

  • paper towels

Week 3 Questions: 

Image by Maddi Bazzocco
Pumpkin Seeds
Image by Юлия Медведева

Have you ever eaten a seed from a plant? What kind of seed was it?

Why do plants make fruits with seeds in them?

Why is it important to know how to save sseds?

Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7

Week 4: Window Gardening

Friday, October 9th

While a lot of plants need the bright, hot Summer sun to grow, there are plenty of plants that do just fine in an indoor window! Learn what kinds of plants we can grow through the Winter and how to make sure they stay strong and healthy in our window gardens.

Suggested Supplies

  • Small, 5-6'' terra cotta or plastic pot

  • Tray/lid/dish to catch water under pot

  • Herb seeds such as basil, oregano, or mint

  • Potting soil

Week 4 Questions: 

Image by Angèle Kamp
Image by Misael Chavez

What kinds of edible plants do you think we can grow indoors?

What kinds do you think we cannot grow indoors? Why not?

Why would we want to grow edible plants indoors?

Week 5: Mindfulness Garden Walk

Friday, October 16th

Sometimes, we get so used to nature that we forget how wonderful it can be! This week, we are going to take some time getting to know the natural world a little better as we take in the sights, sounds, and smells of our ever-changing garden.

Suggested Supplies

  • A comfortable outfit

  • Listening ears

  • A calm, focused brain

Week 5 Questions: 

Image by Madison Nickel
Image by dfkt
Image by Jeffrey Hamilton

Use your senses! What sights do you see in the garden? What sounds do you hear? What can you smell?

How do the things you touch in the garden feel?

Why is it important to take time for mindfulness?

Week 6: Crafty Kids

Friday, October 23rd

Fallen leaves can create a nutritious compost for our gardens, or some lovely artwork! This week, we are going to repurpose some fallen leaves into a beautiful Autumn craft.

Suggested Supplies

  • Nicely shaped, not totally crunchy, fallen leaves from outside

  • Liquid glue

  • Tempura or acrylic paints in your favorite colors

  • Tray for paints (an egg carton or deviled egg tray work, too!)

  • Paintbrush

  • Old rag for wiping paintbrush

  • Cup for paint water

  • Markers

  • Sturdy, paper-like cardstock

  • Something to protect tables

Week 6 Questions: 

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Jeremy Thomas
Image by Sandis Helvigs

Do you like doing crafts? Why or why not?

What kinds of crafts do you think we can make out of Fall leaves?

Besides art projects, what else can fallen leaves be used for?

Week 7: No-Bake Pumpkin Treats

Friday, October 30th

Whoever likes pumpkins, raise your hand! Pumpkins are the perfect vegetable for both a savory vegetable soup AND a sweet Fall treat! This week, Anna will show you how to create a delicious, sweet pumpkin treat.

Suggested Supplies

  • Recipe ingredients

Kitchen Supplies:

  • 2 mixing bowls

  • 1 microwave-safe bowl

  • Large spoon

  • Large Ziploc bag

  • Rolling pin or jar

  • **If making pumpkin puree from scratch, you will also need:

  • Baking sheet

  • Spoon

  • Food processor

Week 7 Questions: 

Image by Marius Ciocirlan
Image by Element5 Digital
Image by Bee Felten-Leidel

What can you make out of pumpkins besides dessert treats?

What's your favorite way to eat pumpkins?

What other things can you do with pumpkins?

Week 8
Week 9

Week 8: Beautiful Bulbs

Friday, November 6th

There always seems to be so much work to do in the garden in the Spring - but why not get ahead of the game and plant some of your plants the Fall before? In this lesson, we will learn all about bulbs -how they survive the winter and how to plant them for next Spring.

Suggested Supplies

  • Flower bulbs (hyacinth, tulip, daffodil, alliums) and/or garlic bulbs

  • A space outside to plant (can be a medium-large container if outdoor space is limited!)

Week 8 Questions: 

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel
Image by Kevin CASTEL
Image by marianne bos

What is a bulb?

Why do you think some plants grow from bulbs?

Why do we plant bulbs in the Autumn instead of in the Spring?

Week 9: Winter Birds

Friday, November 13th

As the weather gets cooler, we may be turning the heat up in our homes, but birds living outside can't do the same! Learn why some birds go away for Winter and how to take care of our feathery friends who stay.

Suggested Supplies

  • Pinecones

  • Shortening

  • Birdseed

  • Tablecloth or newspaper

  • 2 bowls

  • Cotton string

Week 9 Questions: 

Image by Mehdi Sepehri
Image by Boris  Smokrovic
Image by Noah Silliman

Why do some birds migrate away in the Winter?

Can you name 2 birds that stay in Nebraska for the Winter?

Why do we like birds in our garden?

Week 10: Time for Bed, Garden!

Friday, November 20th

How do we put our garden to bed for Winter? Learn how to take care of your garden space so we can leave homes for the insects and make sure it's ready for planting next Spring!

Suggested Supplies

  • Compost or leaf piles

  • Gloves

  • Pruners

  • Tools that need cleaning

  • Steel wool

Week 10 Questions: 

Image by Milada Vigerova
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Gabriel Jimenez

How do you get ready

for bed every night?

How do you think a garden gets ready for bed in

the winter time?

Do you think anything you do is similar to the way a garden gets ready for bed?

Week 10
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