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Backyard Chickens

It is incredibly satisfying to be able to walk into your backyard and collect fresh eggs to eat! With so many folks feeling cooped up (wink-wink) these days, it's a great time to start your journey with backyard chickens. Chickens are a fantastic project for all ages and can incorporate great STEM learning for kids during this long break from school.

  1. Check out our virtual workshop for everything you need to know (and more) about keeping chickens in Omaha.

  2. Follow Omaha Chicken Talk on Facebook for loads of information and local resources.

  3. Browse Backyard Chickens for coop ideas and info on breeds/care/feeding.

Omaha folks will need a permit (free) and your coop must have at least 4 square feet per chicken.

Coop--> Permit---> Chickens---> Eggs!

Reach out to Shannon ( with any questions. And follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram as we incubate eggs this spring.


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