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Greenhouse Coming Soon!

City Sprouts is excited to announce that we will be adding our first greenhouse to our North Community Garden site!

Thanks to the Conagra Brands Foundation Nourish Our Community Grant, we will be adding a 530 square foot Growing Spaces Geodesic Greenhouse Community Learning Space to our North Community Garden this fall.

The staff at City Sprouts have dreamed of having an onsite greenhouse for a long time. Thankfully, we have some amazing partners at Creighton University and The Big Garden who have let us use a portion of their greenhouse space in previous years, but having our own greenhouse space will help us to expand our teaching opportunities and more!

This solar-powered greenhouse will become a space that provides year-round education centered on food, urban agriculture, sustainability, and nutrition. We are looking forward to making this into a hands-on classroom space that will teach classes to people of all ages from young ones in the Little Sprouts program all the way to adults taking Growing Gardeners workshops.

The greenhouse will include an aquaponics unit where fish help provide nutrition to plants and vice versa. We also plan on using this space to get a jumpstart on the season and grow seedlings in a more controlled climate for our 6+ urban farm and community garden sites. This will help extend the growing season and provide more food to the local Omaha community. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in the greenhouse will help feed our community by going to local food pantries, a Free Farm stand, and to pay-what-you-can farmers markets.

City Sprouts receives a check for Nourish Our Community Grant from Conagra Brands Foundation (left to right) Katie Kresha: City Sprouts Executive Director, LaLeesha Haynes: Conagra Manager of Talent Development & City Sprouts Board Member, Shannon Kyler: City Sprouts Community Engagement Coordinator.

We are so thankful to Conagra Brands Foundation for providing this opportunity to City Sprouts! We can’t wait to start building, growing, and teaching in this beautiful new space!


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