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Growing Season Winding Down

It's nearing the end of the growing season, and our young adult interns are in the full swing of school and activities. For that reason, our extended and virtual internship has come to a natural end in the last week so the interns can concentrate on their schoolwork. It's always a bittersweet time of missing them but also looking forward to winding down from the busy hustle and bustle of summer. We hope they're all doing well with various learning format change-ups for the year! 

But there's still lots of work to be done! With all the extra land we're farming on this year, we've needed some additional help to finish out the season. Enter in the fall farm crew: (left to right) Johnna, Katie, Kourtney, and Phalin have joined City Sprouts for the fall. We're happy to have them around to harvest and process the last of the crops, sow cover crops, and more! They're even making gallons (literally) of hot sauce this week! 

Speaking of lots of vegetables... we have harvested and shared nearly 11,000lb of produce so far this year, and we're still going!

The last of our summer crops are being harvested this week, and we have lots of cold-hardy vegetables still growing at our farm sites. Veggies like cabbage, beets, fennel, chard, and more will continue to grow through the frost with the help of some row cover, and empty beds will include cover crops to add nutrition back into our soil. If you want to learn about these techniques, check out our soil health workshop or season extension workshop.

We're so proud and grateful for how much food we've been able to grow for the community this year! We've been able to distribute this food through farmers markets and free farm stands, food pantries, local CSA's, and to staff and interns. This has been a record year in a lot of ways, and we couldn't have done it without the support from our incredible donors, sponsors, staff, and board! Thank you 💚


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