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Have You Tried These Gardening Hacks?

Gardening Hacks

When life gets busy we like to work smarter, not harder. That's why we love gardening hacks. Whether you are short on time or lacking ample space (or both), these gardening hacks may give you the inspiration you need for starting seed and more!

Facebook Video by MetDaan DIY (link here)

Check out the video link above for 13 awesome hacks in less than four minutes!

  1. How to Grow a Plant from a Mango Seed

  2. Starting Flower Seed with a Sponge

  3. Propagating Succulents from Fallen Leaves

  4. Growing Cilantro - Easy Peasy!

  5. Grabbing Hard to Reach Fruit off Your Tree

  6. Easy Microgreens From Broccoli Seeds

  7. Easy Sprouting

  8. How to Grow Corn

  9. Food Scraps into Plants in No Time!

  10. Using Tea Bags as Seed Starters

  11. DIY Fertilizer from Banana Peels

  12. Mushroom Growth from Coffee Grounds

  13. Egg Cartons for Seed Starting Holes


Show Us Your Favorite Gardening Hacks!

What has worked best for you? How do you work smarter with few tools and little space? Send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram, or shoot us a quick email, with your favorite gardening hacks.


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