City Sprouts Presents

 Month of giving 

A virtual fundraiser for food security

 Our goal 

As with most organizations, COVID 19 has flipped our world upside down. We’ve had to quickly adjust nearly everything about how we operate. However, our main concern right now is around the potential for increased food insecurity in Omaha as a result of the crisis. 


To help prevent that concern, we have a goal of growing 10x more vegetables than last year!

The majority of this food will be donated to local food pantries and go to programs that help anyone
who is food insecure gain access to healthy and local produce. 


This month, your support will go towards helping City Sprouts grow 20,000 pounds of food in 2020!

And we need to raise $20,000 to help make this goal happen.



Help feed Omaha by partnering with us today!


 How will the Money Be used? 

Growing this much extra food takes soil, seeds, plants, irrigation systems, new equipment, salaries for team leads and interns, transportation between sites, meals for interns, facilities, and distribution for the food.

 How will City Sprouts grow that much? 

City Sprouts has two existing growing sites at our City Sprouts South and Decatur Urban Farm locations, but we are limited with the amount of food we can grow there each season. We are working with some incredible partners this year, who are helping us ensure we are able to meet this goal. Several organizations and individuals have stepped up by providing the extra growing space and labor that it will take to make this happen. Read more about each of our partners and farm sites below!


 The Farm Sites 

Sky Ranch

A half acre of farmland in Northwest Omaha donated by Durand Investments to grow a variety of potatoes.

Decatur Urban Farm

Our City Sprouts-owned, 1/10 acre urban farm will grow a variety of mixed vegetables and serves as a home base for our Summer Internship Program.





Cooper Farm

1/8 acre of growing space for mixed vegetables in collaboration with Omaha Home for Boys and Nebraska Extension.

City Sprouts South

City Sprouts South is located on the city-owned Dorothy Patach Environmental area. At CSS we have our Free Farm which is expanding, as well as a growing orchard.

Habitat for Humanity

Thanks to Lutheran Family Services' Global Roots program - HFH has a lot that they are sharing with several local organizations. CS has a 30x100 plot for melons and other exciting fruits and vegetables. 

The farmers

City Sprouts


City Sprouts has two incredible farm managers who will help lead all of our farmers and volunteers on the five farm sites.



City Sprouts will hire 3-4
 additional summer team leads who will help farm and manage small intern teams.


Summer Urban Farming Interns

City Sprouts' 15 summer interns will work in small groups to ensure social distancing and will learn to farm at one of several farm sites over the summer.

Volunteers & Partners

When it is safe, we will work with our partners and volunteers to collaborate and meet any extra labor needs.


 How you can Help 


We have broken up our Month of Giving into four different opportunities to give: through large giving days like Giving Tuesday Now and Omaha Gives, or through sending your loved ones some local, City Sprouts-made products. 


We hope you're able to join our efforts to provide healthy food access to those who need it in our city!

Make sure to share the love and tell your friends and family about these opportunities to support City Sprouts!

This fundraiser is over, but if you're looking for ways to support City Sprouts, you can donate here. Thank you to everyone who helped reach our goal!

Giving Tuesday Now

Tuesday, May 5th

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving, usually reserved for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year, Giving Tuesday is adding another giving day this year to help rally needed support during COVID-19 crisis. 

Thanks for helping us raise $930 during Giving Tuesday Now!


May 1st - 10th

Want to send a sweet gift to a loved one AND help City Sprouts meet our goals? Send your loved one a Jam-O-Gram with a personal message to let them know you're thinking of them, and City Sprouts will deliver to their doorstep!

Thanks for helping us raise $1305 through Jam-O-Gram orders!



May 1st - 20th

OmahaGives! is Omaha's big day of giving every year. We join non-profits across the Omaha metro area to raise money for growing food that will help feed our community! You can schedule your donation anytime between now and May 19th, or give on May 20th!

Thanks for helping us raise $15,529 through Omaha Gives!

May Bouquets

May 21st - 31st

Order beautiful, locally grown flowers for your loved ones throughout the end of May. Flowers are local, native, and will be delivered anywhere in the Omaha-Metro area.

Thanks for helping us raise $640 through bouquet orders!


 Giving Results 


We were able to raise over $20,500 during our Month of Giving! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us!

 Special Thanks 

Thanks to all our donors who have helped us toward our goal!

  • Anna Hartman

  • Jean Hartnett

  • Emily Hassenstab

  • Patricia Hassenstab

  • Dawaune Hayes

  • LaLeesha Haynes

  • Timothy Held

  • Angie Hempel

  • Jenni Herchenbach

  • Stacy Hess

  • Erin Higgins

  • CJ Hohman

  • Jennifer Hopwood

  • Cassie Jo Houlet

  • Stacy Hughes

  • Kristina Hughes

  • Cindy Humphreys

  • Nancy Jorgensen

  • Matthew Kaipust

  • LeAnne Kaiser

  • Adam Kalin

  • Rick Kelley

  • Justin Kemerling

  • Stephanie Kidd

  • Alexis Kline-Stearns

  • Anna Kolterman

  • Daren Konda

  • Abiola Kosoko

  • John Wende Kotouc

  • Dan Kresha

  • Sharon Kresha

  • Abbie Kretz

  • Gina Kyler

  • Jose Labrador

  • Kathy Lalley-Dewell

  • Erika Latimer

  • John Paul Lehn

  • Elle Lien

  • Jessica Literland

  • Megan Loberg

  • Brent Lubbert

  • James Luyten

  • Corey Lynch

  • Alicia Magnette

  • Erin Manly

  • Amber Markham

  • Leah Marty

  • Diane Mattern

  • Marie Mayer

  • Renee McArthur

  • Lynn McCormack

  • Cliff McEvoy

  • Shawn McGrath

  • Carol Mellick

  • Alyssa Miller

  • Nathan Morgan

  • Lisa Moritz

  • Rebecca Moshman

  • Duncan Murchy

  • Robyn Murray Schriner

  • Melissa Murth

  • Kelly and Sue Nicklin

  • Rachel Novak

  • Alyx Olney

  • Christine Olson

  • Sarah Osborn

  • Sarah Owen

  • Dara Pagano

  • Nancy Parsons

  • Francis Partsch

  • George Patenode

  • Jessica Perrigan

  • Samuel Petto

  • Judy Pfeifer

  • Wendy Phillips

  • John Pollack

  • Emily Prauner

  • Maryl Range

  • Jillian Roger

  • Daniel Rosmann

  • Elizabeth Ryan

  • Curt Safranek

  • Kaeli Samson

  • Lydia Sand

  • Travis Sholin

  • Hillary Sickler

  • Jaymes Sime

  • Joseph Smith

  • Jacquline Smith

  • Melinda Sorenson

  • Jeremy Stanosheck

  • Chris Stratman

  • Adhikari Suraj

  • Sarah Svacina

  • Katie Swanson

  • Jerome Tanhueco

  • Grace Thomas

  • Jacob Throwe

  • Eleanore Tiehen

  • Jerrold Tipler

  • Katherine Townsend

  • Jaimee Trobough

  • Megan Val Alstine

  • Tom Vann

  • Erin VanZee

  • Albert Varas

  • Michael Von Weihe

  • Lorna Walker

  • Jennifer Wallace

  • Daniel Walsh

  • Meghan Walsh

  • Melynda Walsh

  • Sarah Waugh

  • Matt Wettengel

  • Mark Wiesman

  • Nancy Williams

  • Sherman Willis

  • Jane Wilson

  • Kay Wilwerding

  • Jim Winner

  • William Wishart

  • Susan Witkowski

  • Melissa Wulf

  • Jeffrey Wyatt

  • Candy Zollicoffer

Team Lead 2

Supplies, Utilities, equipment,



Team Lead 1

  • Mary Adams

  • Becky Anderson & Bill Minier

  • Clyde and Mary Anna Anderson

  • Valerie Anderson

  • Margaret Andreasen

  • Luke Armstrong

  • Susan Aschinger

  • Marci Baker

  • Josh Bartee

  • Jo Bartikoski

  • Denise Bash

  • Alyssa L Beene

  • Jodi Benenson

  • Kathryn Blesener

  • Brent Bloom

  • Catherine Bloom

  • Danielle Bode

  • Dee Bowen

  • Reginald Nancy Boyer

  • Katie Broman

  • Sherri Brown

  • Andrew Burdic

  • Octavia Butler

  • Linda Butler

  • Andrea Butler

  • Sarah Buttenback

  • Karen Campbell

  • Joan Carnaby

  • Mary Carollo

  • Cait Caughey

  • John Cavanaugh

  • Monica Chapeau

  • Kent Cisar

  • Ali Clark

  • Jessica Clark

  • Michael Combs

  • David Corbin

  • Deborah Covert

  • Brent Crampton

  • Mary B Current

  • Matt Darling

  • Claudia & Tony Deeb

  • Jeanne DeMars

  • Carol Dennison

  • Tiffany Devereaux

  • Drew Dietle​

  • Cynthia Doerr

  • Colleen Dostal

  • Mark Draper

  • Kelly Dubay

  • Linda Duckworth

  • Rhiannon Duma

  • Janis Durand

  • Michael Dzyban

  • Carrie Eidsness

  • Sara Eliason

  • Caitlin Ellis

  • Ciprianna Engel

  • Chris Feuerbach

  • Dennis Flood

  • Molly Fogarty

  • Cynthia Fraiser

  • Paul Fraynd

  • Jeff and Mary French-Lincoln

  • Crystal Gale

  • Geri Gengenbach

  • Timothy Gilg

  • Josh Gillman

  • Yolanda Gilmore

  • David and Whitney Goldner

  • Brenton Gomez

  • Alexandra Goswami

  • Cassie Jo Goulet

  • Katie Grant

  • Christian Gray

  • Becky Grosserode

  • Lynne Grosvenor

  • Mary Hahn

  • Linda Hall

  • Julianne Harm

 Ready to help feed our city?