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Meet Kaylee

We (at City Sprouts) are excited to announce the newest addition to our team - Miss Kaylee Reynolds!

Pictured: Kaylee Reynolds, City Sprouts Education Program Manager

Kaylee joined our team in September 2023. Since receiving a Bachelor's degree in Animal Ecology and Interpretation of Natural Resources from Iowa State University, she has been building up a wealth of knowledge in multiple environmental education positions. Kaylee has worked several jobs as a naturalist at different residential outdoor schools and county conservation agencies, has been an education facilitator for a state university, and most recently worked as a coordinator for a youth corps program. She brings lots of enthusiasm and fresh, new ideas with her and is excited to further the mission here at City Sprouts. In her free time, Kaylee likes to rock climb, hike, craft, cook, and spend time with her dog- Mowgli!


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